40 minutes | May 27, 2021

Yoma 46 - May 27, 16 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 46

The gemara brings in Rabbi Elazar in the name of Bar Kapara who brings an expanded version of Rabbi Meir’s opinion (that there was an additional woodpile for the parts that didn’t burn completely the previous night). He says that it was used every day and even on Shabbat. What did Bar Kapara add that wasn’t already clear from our mishna? Does Rav Huna disagree with Bar Kapara as he seems to say that it wasn’t used on Shabbat? Raba and Rav Chisda each have different ways of understanding Rav Huna. One explains that he holds that it overrides Shabbat but not impurity and the other says the reverse. Abaye raises a question on both approaches – why should one distinguish between Shabbat and impurity? Raba explains why according to both his opinion and Rav Chisda’s. One cannot extinguish coals from the woodpile. What if it was no longer on the woodpile and removed to bring to burn the incense or light the Menora? Rava and Abaye disagree on the subject. Do you disagree when it has already been lowered from the altar or while one is still on the altar? If so, how do their opinions work with the words of Rav Nachman in the name of Raba Bar Avuha who said that if one removes coals to the ground, one is still obligated for extinguishing?

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