93 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

The One With the Enchanted Radio

TBOL ch 10To put it simply, we LOVE this chapter. This is the first time we get a glimpse of Sarah and Diana actually working together on magic. It was all so peaceful until the radio decided to suggest a playlist familiar to most of us born prior to 1985, and -- now -- GenZ, who through TikTok, have found an entirely new catalog of music to explore. Enjoy the episode, guys!See full show notes: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/78Join us on Patreon (as little as $2 monthly will gain you access to extra episodes + different level incentives for those who join at higher tiers!)A Discovery of Witches TV News info (Continually updated; scenes, sets, trailer video, official photographs, casting + more)Become a Discusser (contact info located there as well)Email us directly: DaemonsDiscuss@gmail.comCall & Leave a voicemail! 1 (360) 519-7836 or hit us up on SpeakPipe Our Podcast Page: DaemonsDiscuss.com Our Main Site: DaemonsDomain.com Social Media: Twitter - @DaemonsDiscuss, Facebook - Daemons Discuss & Instagram - @daemonsdiscussTo join our private, listener-only Facebook group, apply here: Join Daemonic Discussers The "word" is "F*cking Firedrake"To see/hear all of our chapter reviews, check out this list: Chapter Review EpisodesTV show reviews? Go here: A Discovery of Witches TV ReviewsTo check out all of our episodes go here: Daemons Discuss! Full Episode ListGet your Daemon merch here: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/shop -- and for 2020, our enamel FTSIO pins (+ masks and T-shirts) can be found here: go.DaemonsDiscuss.com/FTSIO2020In this episode:By the segment . . .(00:15) Intro/Patreon sponsorship(04:10) Discusser emails/Speakpipe - Thank you, Chloe, Zoe and Barbara. (09:57) Main discussion- Chapter 10 of The Book of Life - Sponsored by Becca Vork(57:52) Housekeeping- Thank you, Laurie, Beth (review!) and Becca sponsored by Nancy Forrester (1:09:17) Save It For the Show- S2 Trailer! - Sponsored by Aimee Green(1:22:14) Promo break - scroll down, or click here to get a hold of us and/or become a Discusser -- information on joining our Facebook group also located on that page. (1:23:50) Last thoughts/Outro. Informational links:All Souls Con Tickets The Fly's Dream Challenge!Agrimony Vole vs. Mole Cotton MatherTrailer S2NY Comic Con Panel 10 things you may have wrong about Elizabethan England - Deb's Facebook Live from 9 Nov 2020https://lovethepodcast.com/DaemonsDiscuss ⬅︎ Leave us a review at one of the places listed (in the link!)Credits/Copyright Information * Intro music: "Ghost Dance" (edited down to second chorus) by Kevin Macleod, licensed for use by Creative Commons.* Outro music: Rimsky-Korsakov - "Scheherazade Symphonic Suite for Orchestra Op.35 - IV. Allegro molto," Public domain/copyright-free. * Small portions of "Rhiannon," "In Over My Head," and "You Make Loving Fun" (licensed karaoke versions) from the 1977 album, Rumours (Warner Records), by Fleetwood Mac, are used for a part of the show illustrating and informing the story line for our listeners. Music such as this, played during our episodes, are used strictly for commentary; categorically, under U.S. copyright law, this method falls within Fair Use.* "Save it for the Show" segment introduction voiceover by Devyn Grendell  * Cover art (+ all variations associated w/ it): © Daemons Domain* The term "unofficial" is explained in our disclaimer located in Terms of Use - item 14.* The Daemons Discuss podcast is hosted and produced by the owners (Angela, Jean and Valerie) of Daemons Domain and can also be found by entering the url http://www.DaemonsDiscuss.com in your browser, (listed on the various podcast syndicates like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.) which will redirect you back to the parent site, Daemons Domain.* This podcast is intended for personal download/consumption. Please see our Terms of Use; item 3.* Our episode titles are a loving tribute to the show "Friends" just 'cause we love Friends and - let's face it - it's easier! Here's how one of the show creators explains their reasoning:Jeff Greenstein: "When Marta & David & Jeff & I did 'Dream On', we used to spend a lot of time thinking about titles, because they were on-screen at the top of each episode. On "Friends", we decided that was a waste of time. We figured, why not name each episode after the thing that people will ostensibly be talking about around the water-cooler the next day?" See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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