67 minutes | Nov 20th 2018

Daddy-Less Issue Ep 14

What is it like to live without a dad? How about without a dad AND a mom? Does a lack of parent's stunt or accelerate an artist's growth? How did they learn to tie their shoes? Orphan comedians, Amber Rollo and Chanel Ali, have a guest on each week to talk about it and laugh at some supremely dark stuff. Listen to their stories from the luxury of your parent's guest room, while lamenting how hard it is to not have a struggle. Remember, we are proud of you.

In this ep we talk with comedian Katharyn Henson on everything her mom did right, like shopping the sales rack and selling bagels. Some of her life sounds magical and some of it sounds like Hogwarts, either way she's a total orphan and we love her.

Before that we chatted about Chanel's large list of celebrities she wrote about the recent Icon Award Gala honoring Billy Crystal, Thanksgiving and The Grinch who tried to tell us we needed it.

Our famous orphan from history was Edgar A. Poe, listen to the ep to hear why we call him that.