34 minutes | Aug 9, 2019

Back to the beginning

This week, I was privileged enough to go back to where my love for solution based business started. I met with my old boss/mentor Lawrence Breen of Inland Digital and we discussed a range of topics from honest communication, trust, all the way to parenting & mini me's!Here's a quick bit about 'LB' and Inland Digital - He's a proud Husband to Nikki & Dad to three amazing children! (well, two adults now, he must be getting old).LB been part of the print and document management industry for over 19 years, 13 of which as the owner/managing director of Inland Digital (formerly Inland Technology Calare). At Inland Digital they believe when the right technology is applied to business problems, especially around handling documents and key business information, they can help a business unlock real efficiency. Their team is committed to delivering the best service possible and can help you solve any office technology problem, whether it’s a business process challenge or simply working out how to manage the cost of printing. They're also the authorised technology partner in the Central West for a range of major technology brands including Canon and HP.He's lived in the Central West all his life and their business is heavily focused on local communities. They pride themselves on hiring and training local employees who deliver all our services from our headquarters in Orange. LB love's finding that mix/blend of family/business time and believe that honest communication is key to success in both.
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