26 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Remembrance Day/Veterans' Day Special Re-release

In a re-release for November 11 Remembrance Day, this special extended episode was recorded over several years and then released in April 2019. It's a lot more serious than our usual fun-filled shows, but there’s lots to learn for kids and adults! And if you know a teacher who could use this episode, please share it with them – and with any other friends. We go to an ANZAC service in Australia, where World War One is particularly remembered. Then we go to Remembrance Day in Hong Kong, which just over 75 years ago was invaded by the Japanese during World War Two. We are grateful to Lindisfarne Anglican College for allowing us to visit their ANZAC assembly, and thanks go to their special guest, Major Matina Jewell (retired) for the interview. Recurring at points throughout this episode is the sound of Lindisfarne’s School Marching Band, led by Mr Dale Norton. And thank you, retired Sergeant Kelvin Fawcett. Questions for after you’ve listened: What does A-N-Z-A-C – ANZAC -- stand for? Why is Nov 11 an important date for remembering people from wars? What happened at Gallipoli in WWI? What is the Last Post? Which country is the Menin Gate in? What colour are poppies? Who wrote the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’? Why is it important to remember people who died in wars? Look on our webpage for images that accompany each episode. And join us on: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  Please rate and review us wherever you get podcasts. And share our podcast on social media and recommend it to friends – that's how we'll keep going. See you in two weeks! Podcast cover art by Molly Austin Instrumental music by Kevin MacLeod Sound effects used under RemArc Licence. Copyright 2020 © BBC
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