23 minutes | Apr 3, 2020

31. What was the most dangerous medieval weapon?

(This is NOT a gory episode!) We visit an enormous medieval weapons store in some bloke’s back garden. We hang with “The Company of the Dagger” and talk to knights and weapons-builders as they make the largest medieval weapon of them all.  You’ll find out where the word “freelancer” comes from and you’ll hear our latest knight and Fort-nite jokes! You’ll find images of all the weapons we discuss on this Medieval Warfare web-page. Read industry reviews of Dad’s new World War II Asia-Pacific novel, The Slightest Chance, at paulletters.com. It’s now out on Kindle for US$6.99, as well as in paperback. So is Dad’s first wartime novel, A Chance Kill, a love-story/thriller based on real events in Poland, Paris, London and Prague. Here are some questions based on today’s episode: When was the medieval period? What does “freelancer” mean today? What’s a lance? Who were the first people in history known as freelancers? You would use a trebuchet to attack what? Which weapon could you load and fire more quickly, a crossbow or a longbow? Please rate and review us wherever you get podcasts. And share our podcast on social media and recommend it to friends – that's how we'll keep going. We’ll be back on the first Saturday of next month! Podcast cover art by Molly Austin All music is from https://filmmusic.io and composed by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Sound effects used under RemArc Licence. Copyright 2020 © BBC
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