21 minutes | Feb 7, 2020

29. How a Jewish family survived Nazi Germany

This is Andy Factor’s survival story. And, Parents, yes, he is related to Max. And being related to Hollywood’s top makeup artist saved Andy’s life – and the lives of his brother, sister, mother and father. Andy – who was originally called Abraham - and his family get out just in time and begin new lives in Australia. If you missed last week’s episode, check it out – Andy told us all about his experiences at school in Nazi Germany. And the time when two Jewish boys – Andy his brother – tried to join the Hitler Youth. As you do. Read industry reviews of Dad’s new World War II Asia-Pacific novel, The Slightest Chance, at paulletters.com. It’s now out on Kindle for US$6.99, as well as in paperback. So is Dad’s first wartime novel, A Chance Kill, based on Dad’s granny’s escape from Poland during the war. Here are some questions based on today’s episode: 1.      Why was Andy not allowed to complete high school or got to music school in Nazi Germany? 2.      What type of products does the Max Factor company still make today? 3.      In which month and year was Crystal Night, when the Nazis smashed up Jewish shops and synagogues? 4.      Which country did Andy and his family first go to when they left Germany in 1939? 5.      Why did they leave that country to go to Australia? 6.      Andy got a job with Myer department store but why did he leave that job? Please rate and review us wherever you get podcasts. And share our podcast on social media and recommend it to friends – that's how we'll keep going. We’ll be back at the start of next month! Podcast cover art by Molly Austin All music is from https://filmmusic.io and composed by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com) License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Sound effects used under RemArc Licence. Copyright 2020 © BBC
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