25 minutes | Jan 31, 2020

28. Why did Hitler and the Nazis hate Jewish people?

Our mission here is to help kids increase their awareness of a difficult issue but without causing nightmares. In the intro, we do go as far as to say that the Nazis killed six million Jews – because to ignore or deny that only helps Nazis. After that, we play safe. But, yes, this episode may be more relevant to older kids more than the 5-year-olds (who should definitely check out our first 19 episodes, at least – James was only 6 when we started recording material!).

And if you want to know why a Jewish boy wanted to join Hitler’s youth group, listen until the very end!

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Here are some questions based on today’s episode:

1.      When was Andy Factor born?

2.      When did Hitler and the Nazis take over Germany?

3.      What does ‘propaganda’ mean?

4.      Who was Andy separated from at school?

5.      What did Andy’s teacher do to Andy in front of the class?

6.      Only, about 500,000 Jews lived in Germany, so how were the Nazis able to capture millions of Jewish people?

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