58 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

Kids Grow Up So Fast...Or Do They? - #79

Look, I know you're rolling your eyes right now at this title, but let me remind you of that time your kid was 18mos was squirming in your lap at that restaurant (y'know the time you went to "brunch" with your friends who didn't yet have kids and just rolled out of bed at 11- also happened to be your last brunch)  only to have your kid desperately  reach for your wine glass filled with the 2 for 1 mimosa (brunch special) and when you give him the soft book with the spider and in one motion the kid flings it across the restaurant only to have it land of the floor next to the bathroom all while melting into an hysterical temper tantrum. Do you remember that? Still think they grow up so fast?...I see. ok well listen to it anyway. Pete's out this week so Heather (@momandburied) Mike's much, much, much better half fills in. Enjoy!

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