27 minutes | Mar 28th 2019

CYBERnyama008 Facebook External Oversight Board Workshop Nairobi

CYBERnyama covers Facebook’s External Oversight Board Workshop, which took place on the 26-27 March 2019 in Nairobi Kenya. This is the third round in Facebook’s consultations regarding the setting up of an External Oversight Board, which is to provide oversight of Facebook’s decisions with regards to content. 

We speak to: 

Facebook Director of Public Policy for Africa, Ebele Okobi

– Tunji Larnder, a human being (@TunjiLardner)

– Archippe Njampong of Internet Without Borders (@Archyppe), 

– ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (@gbengasesan)

– Jennifer Kaberi, a child protection expert (@Dalithso)

– And Grace Bomu, a researcher, lawyer, human rights advocate (@Bomu)

Information about the External Oversight Board can be found here:

Charting a Course for an Oversight Board for Content Decisions
Geplaatst door Mark Zuckerberg op Donderdag 15 november 2018



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