39 minutes | Jan 23, 2018

Ep 13: Personas and Metrics — Understanding Your Customer with Karen Tang of Prezi

Karen Tang is the Vice President of Customer Success and Support at Prezi, a company which makes software for beautiful presentations. Prior to joining Prezi, Karen graduated from Wharton Business School and worked at a number of high-profile companies such as GE, Target, and Google, and has now been at Prezi for four years, where she focuses on the post-sales team to ensure that customers get the maximum value out of the product.   Karen and I discuss customer success and the way businesses engage with their customers to ensure they’re using the product in the best way possible from the B2B standpoint as well as the B2C standpoint. Karen highlights the importance of creating customer personas and mapping their customer experience journey in order to better understand and create value for customers, as well as to foresee and address problems that may arise in the future. Tune in to this episode to also get useful insights on the role of metrics and data in ensuring that the company prioritizes customer demands!   Resources Mentioned in This Episode: TaskUs Podcast Prezi Prezi on Facebook Prezi  on Twitter Karen Tang on LinkedIn Email Karen Tang Salesforce ZenDesk  
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