22 minutes | Sep 22, 2020

How Sales & Customer Success Make Power Users w/ Jake Dunlap

We’ve all heard about sales and marketing alignment. But, to enable your customers to reach their full potential, it takes alignment between sales and customer success, starting at leadership.


In this episode, I caught up with Skaled Consulting CEO, Jake Dunlap. Jake shared how leadership can help customer success and sales teams cultivate power users.


Plus, we covered… 


- How focusing on power users instead of new deals benefits sales orgs


- How to align your customer success team w/ the business objectives of customers


- Why a growth mindset outperforms a service-only mindset


- Tools to help your customer success team be more proactive


Resources mentioned:


- Outreach.io


- LinkedIn Sales Navigator


For more info, check out customersuccessleader.com or send a message to hello@flatfile.io.

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