23 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

Customer Success: Does Your Product Live Up to the Hype? w/ Chad Horenfeldt

Customer success is all about driving value.  But that’s not limited to your customer success team.  It’s company-wide. And your product better live up to what you sold it as. Today’s guest is Chad Horenfeldt, Customer Success Coach at Kustomer. He has experience in a variety of customer-success-centered roles and came on to share the wisdom he’s gained over his impressive career. In this episode, we discuss: What customer success is Why your product needs to live up to the hype Why leadership means a dedication to lifelong learning For more info, check out customersuccessleader.com or send a message to hello@flatfile.io. To hear more interviews like this one, subscribe to Customer Success Leader on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.  
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