51 minutes | Jul 18, 2019

UNLOCKED! Ben Burgis on Logic and Arguments

Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson, financial editor Sparky Abraham and contributing editor Aisling McCrea sit down with philosophy professor Ben Burgis to discuss his new book Give Them An Argument: Logic for the Left. Give Them An Argument: Logic for the Left is published by Zero Books. You can support and enjoy Ben Burgis' work by becoming a patron at https://www.patreon.com/benburgis, where he publishes short essays and videos, or catch him on The Michael Brooks Show on his regular segment, The Debunk. This is a bonus episode that was released early for Patreon subscribers. To gain early access to episodes like these, as well as lots of delicious exclusive content, consider becoming one of our patrons at www.patreon.com/CurrentAffairs! This episode was edited by Dan Thorn of Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA.
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