54 minutes | Oct 4, 2017

Pinball? Yes, Pinball (w/ Seth Steele)

Earlier this year, I spent a month in Portland, Oregon. I’ve always loved my brief stops through there on tour, but never felt like I had enough time to, well, let’s be honest EAT. Portland has some AMAZING food, but what I DIDN’T know is that they also have some amazing, wait for it… PINBALL. Yep. Pinball- the game with the flippers and the silver ball. I LOVED pinball growing up and so now, anytime I find a working pinball machine, I have to drop a couple of quarters in and play. What I DIDN’T know is just how deep this pinball thing goes. I began to get curious about all things pinball upon returning home to Nashville, and ended up meeting Seth Steele, cofounder of the Nashville Pinball League, and owner of some 20-odd pinball machines. I thought he’d be the perfect person to offer a window into the obsession that is PINBALL.   
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