60 minutes | Jul 31, 2017

How to build a band w/ Judah Akers

This week’s guest is one of those people insecure guys like me can’t stand. Not only is Judah Akers building an incredible music career in his band, Judah & The Lion, but before that, he was a star collegiate ATHLETE, playing baseball for the Belmont Bruins. If that weren’t enough to make you hate the guy, he’s really handsome AND genuinely kind too.  I sat down with Judah in front of a small audience in Nashville at the sneaker and streetwear shop, ROOTED to talk about his journey and how he’s coping with the growing pains of being in a burgeoning folk hop & roll band. I hope you enjoy this week’s conversation with Judah & The Lion’s Judah Akers.  
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