60 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

#099 Is Reality an Illusion? with Solveig Barrios

Solveig Barrios of the Mayan Wisdom Project is my guest this week (Solveig also joined me in November last year for another incredible conversation). Solveig comes from a family line of spiritual leaders and is the founder of The Mayan Wisdom Project. Daughter of the renowned Maya Elder Carlos Barrios, Solveig began to learn about the Maya Geo-Cosmovision at a very early age. She is currently on the path to becoming an Ajq’ij (Mayan spiritual leader) herself, and with the guidance that was left to her by her dad and her family, Solveig’s knowledge of the Maya wisdom is very vast. She started her journey as a child, and ever since she has had the opportunity to travel, share and learn from different spiritual leaders from all over Guatemala. https://www.mayanwisdomproject.com/
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