77 minutes | Oct 11th 2019

A Color-Obsessed Abstract Artist Busts the Myth of the "Starving Artist" (and Shares Her Inspirational Mental Health Journey)

The energetic, hilarious Samantha Louise Marett is a self-taught abstract artist splitting her time between Atlanta and San Diego. Sam is known for her bold & unexpected color palettes and blending watercolor with acrylic paint with various textures on canvas.

Sam is also a mental health advocate. She talks with us about how getting a diagnosis and learning how to manage her mental health changed her life for the better. 

Sam also talks about busting the myth of the "starving artist" - one of her biggest missions is showing other creatives that they can make a living off their talent.

00:02:20: What's Sam's current job and where?

00:04:01: What was her last 9-5? What has her career trajectory looked like?

00:11:41: What's the origin story of Samantha Louise Designs? How did she make the transition from a wedding planner to an artist?

00:14:51: We talk a little bit about Sam's experience in the wedding industry. What were the challenges and rewards of working in this industry?

00:18:55: Aspiring muralists, listen up: Sam tells us everything you need to know about creating a mural. 

00:28:06: Sam tells us about her creative process/

00:34:00: We talk about Sam's mental health journey and how she got into mental health advocacy.

00:38:55: How does she market her business? What works, and what doesn't?

00:44:00: We talk about teaching art classes.

00:48:19: Back to the Future: what would Sam tell her younger self? What was her biggest business mistake, and what did she learn from it?

00:54:39: A Day in the Life: What does a day in the life of a successful working artist look like?

01:00:00: Listener Questions: How does an artist get brand partnerships? What % of her time is spent on creative vs. admin work? What type of paint does she use? And our quick answer segment, where we talk our fave Broad City episodes and more.