62 minutes | Mar 25, 2019

Stan Slap: The Benefits of Redefining Corporate Culture

Stan Slap is the CEO of SLAP. He has a hard-core point of view about what’s right with the world and must be protected and what’s wrong with the world and must be corrected.

Stan believes that nobody should be diminished by business - working in it or buying from it.

He is a realist who knows that we need to make a business case for humanity.

That's why he created SLAP and studied and worked with corporate culture for more than 20 years now.

Episode Highlights

  • How Stan’s unique definition of culture came about
  • What is employee culture, management culture, and customer culture… and how they differ
  • Tactical advice on how to create “performance insurance” - getting the culture to stand up for the company when it needs it most
  • Why we need to understand how culture operates if we want to bring about cultural change in our team or company
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