70 minutes | Mar 11th 2019

Jeremy Hockenstein and Sopheap Im: How Social Mission Fuels Growth at DDD

We often hear how important it is for an organisation to have a meaningful mission and purpose. And yet, a lot of companies struggle to see the link between their mission, purpose and business results. So, here is a question:

Can a meaningful social mission help you grow your business and win in the marketplace?   Digital Divide Data (DDD) proves that it can. 


DDD was founded by Jeremy Hockenstein and his friends after Jeremy's Cambodian vacation in 2001.

What Jeremy noticed during his first visit to Cambodia was the need to bring tech skills and living-wage work to men and women in underserved communities. Since then, DDD established operation in Cambodia, Laos and Kenya and helped plant the seed for a socially responsible outsourcing practice known as impact sourcing

Impact sourcing involves intentionally hiring and offering career opportunities to people who otherwise have very limited prospects due to poverty, disability, etc. 

The combination of training and work experience that DDD offers, propels their graduates to find fulfilling work and earn lasting higher incomes.


On average, DDD graduates earn USD $175,000 more than their peers throughout their lifetime.

My guests, Jeremy Hockenstein, the CEO of the Digital Divide Data and Sopheap Im, DDD's Executive Vice President talk about how making sure that that their business is fully aligned with their mission helps the company succeed. 

Episode Highlights

  • the life-transforming power of DDD's business model
  • the difficult balancing act that any social enterprise needs to perform: focusing on the core social mission and on making profits at the same time
  • the challenges faced when working across cultures 
  • what DDD does to create a culture that helps them bring their mission to life: to transform lives around the world through sustainable training and employment programmes 
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