64 minutes | Jun 3, 2019

Jeanette Bronée: Creating a Culture of Care

My guest today is Jeanette Bronée, an author, speaker, performance strategist, and culture coach. She helps leaders and companies rethink performance and culture by focusing on creating what she calls a Culture of Care™.

Jeanette highlights how physical health and emotional, mental, and social well-being affect people’s resilience and performance. She shows how our mindset affects our productivity and why self-care habits at work are essential to creating a human work culture.


One thing is certain - depleted and burned-out individuals can’t create healthy, high-performing, and well-balanced cultures.

That’s why this conversation is so important and relevant to anyone who hopes to change the culture in their little pocket of the world  - whether it’s their team, their organization, or society at large.


Episode Highlights

In this interview, Jeanette and I discuss:

  • Why taking good care of ourselves is such a challenge in the workplace
  • How we can ground ourselves and be more present when it really matters
  • What we should eat when we need to be calm and what’s a better choice when we need to be alert to perform at our best
  • Why having 45-minute meetings instead of 60-minute ones can be such a game changer
  • What’s the impact of seeing and acknowledging people for who they are and what they bring to the table
  • The importance of identifying why we do what we do
  • The power of identifying a micro-purpose for the important activities throughout the day
  • The four pillars of Jeanette’s self-care framework
  • What listeners can do to cultivate a culture of care in their teams
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