40 minutes | Sep 17, 2020

3: The Independent Bookshop Tour - Episode 1 (Dublin)

Lisa Marie Griffith is a historian and writer who has run an Independent Bookshop Tour in Dublin for the last couple of years. This year she’s broadening her horizons and talking to booksellers from all over Ireland to hear the story behind some of the oldest and quirkiest independent bookshops on the island. Booksellers discuss the history of their shops, the pre and post lockdown challenges to independent bookshops, and what we are reading in 2020. In Episode 1, Lisa is out on the streets of the capital to meet booksellers from four of Dublin’s best-known bookshops including Books Upstairs, the Gutter Bookshop, Tales for Tadpoles and the Winding Stairs. She will share some bookshop trivia and stop off in Dublin’s old bookselling districts. 
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