37 minutes | Sep 4, 2019

1: Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts

Produced in association with Headstuff Podcast Network, the Culture Night Podcast delves into different facets of culture and the arts, with some leading thinkers, doers and makers exploring the ways in which our cultural heritage enhances our experiences. In this episode, journalist and disability activist Louise Bruton hosts a panel discussion exploring diversity and inclusion in the arts in Ireland. She is joined by Evgeny Shtorn, Mabel Chah, Aisling Byrne and Emma Connors.  Evgeny Shtorn is an LGBT activist, organiser and researcher from Russia. Evgeny conceived and is currently involved in an initiative with the National Gallery of Ireland called Something From There, an artist-led project exploring the experiences of people seeking asylum or living in direct provision in Ireland.  Mabel Chah moved to Ireland in 2013 from Cameroon and settled in Sligo. After joining the Sligo Gospel Choir and the Sligo Cathedral Choir, Mabel became heavily involved in the music scene and in 2019 released her EP 'Zero to Hero'.  She is also involved in a food community group for asylum seekers in Sligo called Sligo Global Kitchen. She is the 2019 Culture Night Ambassador for Sligo. Aisling Byrne is director of Run of the Mill Theatre, a community-based theatre arts collective based in North Kildare. The company is committed to supporting people with intellectual disabilities to access high-quality experiences in drama and theatre arts as artists, makers and participants. Emma Connors is the Arts Development Manager at axis Ballymun. axis's working principle is 'excellence and inclusion', with diversity and inclusion key considerations in their programming. Among the initiatives undertaken by the theatre are the Arts & Disability Residence and Creatively Driving Change programming strand. Culture Night is an annual all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. This year, it takes place on Friday 20th of September.
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