35 minutes | Oct 2nd 2020

Episode 3: Hard Questions About Race

We introduce a new segment, “Hard Questions” about race with two guest hosts Rebecca Webb and Julianne Johnson-Weiss, who began discussing race in Portland 16 years ago. They’ve seen times change profoundly since the killing of George Floyd, and wonder if public outrage at police brutality will open the door to lasting public policy change.

Julianne offers white folks some tips on what they can do to help Black Lives Matter. She suggests white people take the Harvard Project Implicit test to learn about implicit attitudes they may not realize they have about race.

In the second half, Dr. Rosa Colquitt, Chair of the Oregon Democratic Party Black Caucus, talks about leading the Oregon delegation to a historic nominating convention – and how youth as young as middle schoolers are getting involved in the political process and inspiring change.