28 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

132 - 5 Things Leaders can do to build a Constructive Culture

As we know culture and leadership are tied at the hip; and with leaders having a lot on their plate already, how can you give them some simple guidance to be a part of building a constructive culture. Head of Consulting Corinne Canter and host Dominic Gourley, give you 5 things leaders can role model to build a constructive culture. 1 - Clarity - What does good look like? Where is my effort going to make a difference? 2 - Confidence - Being confident and building confidence (but not bravado) 3 - Coach - How can I help you to be your best? 4 - Connection - How can I best connect with you? 5 - Calm - How do I stay grounded for myself and others when under pressure?
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