44 minutes | Sep 8, 2020

28: Housing Epidemic

This episode of CTU Speaks! has co-hosts Andrea Parker and Jim Staros speaking with Mueze Bawany, a teacher at Roberto Clemente High School, about another epidemic hitting our city...housing instability. They discuss issues of homelessness, rising rents, and gentrification as well as the overarching need for safe and affordable housing in Chicago. These issues impact our students and families throughout the city and across the racial and socio-economic spectrum. Join the CTU Housing Committee, more info here: www.ctulocal1.org/union/committees/ Check out the CTU Housing Committee on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1073793049475850/ Homeless student advocate positions now open at 14 Chicago public schools: https://www.ctulocal1.org/posts/homeless-student-advocate-positions-now-open-at-14-chicago-public-schools/ And as always, please share your thoughts and questions with the CTU Speaks! team by emailing ctuspeaks@ctulocal1.org or calling 312-467-8888.
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