57 minutes | May 25, 2020

21: Solidarity is EPIC

In this episode of CTU Speaks!, co-hosts Andrea Parker and Jim Staros talk with the organizers of a historic vote to unionize at EPIC Academy, a charter school on Chicago's South Side. Three educators and a CTU organizer reflect on their struggles, successes, and the impact of the pandemic, including how EPIC tried to compel teachers to come to the school to vote instead of allowing for a mail-in election (for real, y'all). For more information about the EPIC union drive, check out their stuff on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the CTU website. Instagram: https://instagram.com/epicunion2020?igshid=llh5hc03yy87 Twitter: @epicunion2020 Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/epicunion2020/ Web: https://ctulocal1.org/epic As always, please share your thoughts and questions with the CTU Speaks! team by emailing ctuspeaks@ctulocal1.org or calling 312-467-8888.
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