42 minutes | Aug 25th 2018

The housing struggle, ancestry and not 'hurting men's feelings'

This week, Megan and Henry talk about a startup called Bungalow that is trying to make the housing search a little easier. Also on tap this week was a conversation about 23andMe and its efforts to provide more specific regional data about the origins of people of color.

And Sarah Cooper, comedian and author of “How to Succeed Without Hurting Men’s Feelings” joined us in the studio to talk about the book and her experience working in tech. She also performs a dramatic reading of a piece of hate mail she already received. The book isn’t even out yet. Speaking of which, you’re going to want to pre-order the book right this minute.

We'll be taking next week off because Megan is going to Burning Man. See ya in a couple of weeks.

Housing startup Bungalow raises $14 million Series A round

23andMe’s ancestry tools are getting better for people of color

Pre-order "How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings"

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