29 minutes | Jun 6, 2019

The Right People and the Right Conversations - Why You Should Attend The Lead Summit 2019

It's nothing short of impressive to see the speed with which Timo Weiland and Noah Gellman have grown this community of "who's who" in Retail. The Lead makes it their mission to keep a finger on the pulse of digital brands, retailers, and the tech that furthers them together.  Their events curate a network of power-players and decision-makers who will shape the future of retail. Is it a conference? Is it a professional network? Tune in to find out. Book your tickets for The Lead Summit 2019 now, and use the code CSTM15 for 15% off the lowest available price. In this episode: Timo Weiland - The Lead, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Nathalie Paiva - Chief Retail Officer, CONSORTIUM Sam Payrovi - Founder & CEO, CONSORTIUM  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shopconsortium/support
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