55 minutes | May 23, 2021

#075 - Soulful Conversation with Dr. Vanessa Sage

For this week's episode I am joined by my dear friend, colleague, and special guest, Dr. Vanessa Sage.  Join us as we sink into a soulful conversation around the topic of priestessing, the goddess, the deep journey within to discover our true source of bravery, and answering our our spiritual calling. This heart to heart conversation is a unique time to connect and pull back the veils on what it means to walk the path of the priestess and to wholly live a spiritual path.  It is a deep honor to journey into this conversation with Vanessa and it is my hope that you enjoy it immensely.  Links for Vanessa's upcoming events:  The Sacred Ways 3-day Devotional: The Sacred Ways Sage Priestess Certification: Sage Priestess
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