35 minutes | Jan 31, 2018

Episode #0005 – Chapter 1: The Yeti's Curse

Thank you in advance. The mighty Himalaya. Bigfoot snow print.  Blue bottle wins again. Paranormal head cold. Gnome with a hard G. Goblins goblins goblins! A big nose, overweight, toothless faerie. I become scary in that place. Turn West at East St. Luis. Daffy Duck is from New Jersey. Perth Amboy, in fact. Deathstar mailbag. Electronic hate mail. 1998: A rainy, Chilean encounter with a flute playing Duende. No such thing as July in winter. It gave me a magical hopeful feeling.  Soundtrack: In The Steppes Of Central Asia -  Alexander Borodin - The European Archives Poem for Flute and Orchestra, A. 93 - Charles Tomlinson Griffes - Matthew Ross
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