45 minutes | Dec 24, 2020

4. Teal Table Talk with Mallory Kiersten The Joy Goddess

In this Episode Alisha is interviewing Mallory Kiersten. She is an Akashic Records reader and teacher, writer, clairvoyant, and channel. She is committed to helping people access, align with, and live in their joy and purpose. Her classes, courses, 1:1 sessions, and creative works are designed to help you rediscover, remember and realize your true purpose. Connect with Mallory via her website Mallory Kiersten- Joy Goddess You can join Mallory's course : http://www.mallorykiersten.com/souls-journey You can contribute to one of her favorite outreach programs at Diablo Ballet. Here is their link: https://diabloballet.org/ ALL THE LINKS FOR CRUSHING IT AND HUMAN DESIGN Interested in learning more about YOUR design and how to leverage it? Join Alisha’s FREE Human Design container, Crushing it In Chaos here: Crushing It In Chaos with Alisha Baker | Facebook Hop on her Telegram Channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE0mBwT41UZ1l73iKA Are you ready to step fully in to your Human Design Embodiment Journey? 4 Weeks 1:1 This guidance and coaching will set you on the path to fully embracing your unique design. You will gain clarity around your energetic blueprint, zero in on how your strategy and authority work for you and gain valuable insight regarding how you take in the world. Once you know your strengths better and are aware of what distinguishes you from others, you can make wiser decisions. Because the quality of each decision is dependent on the amount of information you have. And this can certainly support your awareness and thus your self-confidence. Transformative. Supported. Aligned. https://bit.ly/31p9MTb You can hop on Alisha's mailing list and grab The Ultimate Guide: Inner Guidance Blueprint https://bit.ly/2IlOkYM FOLLOW ALISHA IN ALL THE PLACES! Alisha Baker | Facebook Peabody Consulting and Coaching - Alisha Baker | Facebook Alisha Baker (@thealishabaker) • Instagram photos and videos www.twitter.com/thealishabaker
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