49 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

How You Can Use the Exact Same Technique as this 2-Time Olympic Ski Jumper to Stay Toned and Strong (Sarah Hendrickson--being a strong female role model and blood flow restriction training)

Don't miss my interview with two-time Olympic ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson. We covered so many interesting topics including how you can use the exact same method she's been using for years to stay toned and strong with shorter workouts and light weights. Listen in and hear about: -Her important role in changing gender discrimination experienced by female athletes -Being a role model for young girls -How being an athlete helped her self-confidence growing up -The ingredient that she thinks kept her going and set her apart from other female athletes as a young girl and helped her become an elite athlete -What she thinks women should focus on to create a sustainable workout routine -Her secret method to stay toned and strong using blood flow restriction training with short workouts and light weights Links mentioned in the show: B Strong Bands (use code: SARAH10 for 10% off at checkout) B Strong Training Course Sarah's website Sarah's Instagram- @schendrickson Sarah's Facebook
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