23 minutes | May 18th 2016

Episode 27: Third Party Presidential Politics with Chris Younce

Man, was I talking fast at the beginning of this episode. But I had a good reason: With everyone talking about the possibility of a third party crashing the Presidential vote this November, it was fun to talk to my old pal and former softball teammate Chris Younce, who knows exactly what kind of logistical lift such an effort would take. (Spoiler alert: It will take a lot.) Listen/download it here or subscribe on iTunes. Extras: Follow Chris Younce on Twitter. It’s more than worth the click of your mouse. Ballotpedia has a really good page on filing deadlines and requirements to get on the ballot. I’m pretty sure Younce and I were both scanning this during the conversation. This week’s big name on the third-party/independent wish list has been Mark Cuban, who sounds sort of interested in running for President but understands how steep the climb is.
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