94 minutes | Oct 25, 2021

Episode 240

Support the bands you like however you see fit! Buy their records! Go see them live! You are an essential part of punk act like it!   Ignorantes - Sapos   Porvenir Oscuro - Sin Control   Yambag - Seclusion   De Rodillas - Soga   Unidad Idealogica - El Miedo   The Chisel - Retaliation   Scalpel - Lying Through Your Teeth   Quarantine - Shadow People   Nasti - Stud Gods   Hologram - Gifthorse     Heavy Discipline - Lockstep   No Time - Degenerate   Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor   Blood Pressure - 6x8   Concealed Blade - Never Heard   S.L.I.P. - Mental Abuse   Empty Beings - Culture Shock   Heartless - Wrung Out     VAMPS - Chula805MillionDollarBaby/Al Dente   Cochonne - Qu-est-ce que t'as fait?   Soup Activists - Stormy Mornings   The Cowboy - Our Vision   The Dark - You Got What You Wanted   The Guns - Your Mistake   Zero Boys - High Places   Violent Tumor - 99 Floors   Condemned To Death - Dismember Me   F8 - Rich Get Richer     Los Crudos - Tiempos De La Miseria   Arma Contra Arma - Etica En Las Americas   Limp Wrist - Rainbows   Harto - ¿Cuanto?   Tragatelo - Esa Cosa Pequeña Ilamada   Needles - Their Lord And Land   N/N - Buitres   Alambres - Palos y Cascos   NRRV - The Gaze   Canal Irreal - Not Tomorrow
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