97 minutes | Sep 27, 2021

Episode 237

Welcome once more to the vast wasteland known as the internet where war is peace and ignorance is strength. While the human race circles the drain spend your last dollars support these bands by buying their records and doing whatever it is you can think of to help these lil mother effers. Punk doesn't work without you so get in the pit and try to love someone.    https://cruelnoise.bigcartel.com/   Abi Ooze - Brat   Bad Anxiety - No Shit   Thing - Night Hag   Superfreak - Spit Rag   Koma - Turn The Screw   Kohti Tuhoa - Väkivaltaa   Algara - Todo Me Da Igual   Ejecución X - Hipsters pokemones de Internet   Front d'Alliberació de la Vida - Vota la teva mort   Personal Damage - Personal Damage     Riki - Marigold   Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - The Forest People   Sweeping Promises - Atelier   Anadol - Casio Havasi     Infest - Shackled Down/Kill The Peace   Assuck - The Perpetual Cycle/World of Confusion   Neanderthal - Fighting Music/Fluids   Rorschach - Brainhandle     Caterina Caselli - Tutto Nero   Fong Yue & The Travellers - Black Magic Woman   Arie Koesmiran - Senang   李雲 (Judy Lee) - 你再也不回來     Choir - Guilt Drip   Living World - What Are You Doing?/Chair Shot   Necro Heads - Opt Out   Little Angels - Leather Jacket    
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