99 minutes | Aug 31, 2021

Episode 235

punk punk punk   support these bands by buying their records and telling your friends about them!     Yambag -Seclusion   Woodstock 99' - Fuhrmented Beanies & Weanies   Fashion Pimps and the Glamazons - Free World   Mujeres Podridas - Hijos de la Frontera   Fatal - Ghost Of The Self   Scarecrow - Rationalization   Golpe - La Colpa E Solo Tua   Zorn - Keeper of Secrets   DMT - Death Cult   Tenso - Comemierda   Desborde - Perfecto   Stunted Youth - You Are What You Hate   Ideation - Ideation   Precipice - Circus   Strong Boys - Pink Death   Suffocation Madness - Disassociate   Dollhouse - The First Day of Spring     Red Cross - Kill Someone You Hate     RF7 - Long Live Their Queen     Circle One - High School Society     Bad Religion - Drastic Actions   Disability - Battling Against the Police     Sheer Mag - Silver Line   Public Acid - Zero Power/Rockstar(Pathetic)   Dark Thoughts - Falling Out   Poison Ruin - Exiles   ICD10 - What We Deserve     Almost 21 - Drowning In The Rug   The Detours - Hang Ten In East Berlin   X - In This House That I Call Home   Zounds - Little Bit More   Wire - Mignight Bahnhof Cafe     Will McAndrew - Full Speed Ahead   Island Of Love - Songs Of Love   El Destello - Sin Miedo   Rata Negra - Romance De Lobos   Lost Balloons - Hey Summer   The Vicious - Obsessive     Straw Man Army - Her Majesty's Ship OST
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