120 minutes | Jul 24, 2021

Episode 232

A real whopper of a damn episode. If you like these bands tell your friends about them and buy their records/tapes/flexis/downloads/throw blankets etc.    https://www.patreon.com/DynamicGarbage/   Patreon.com/cruelnoise     Vamps - Swervin With Purpose   PK Poo - Ginsu   Scoot Ft. Franchise Grimey Grimez Money Man Rich - Mon Valley Mobbin   Mach-Hommy - Folie Á Deux ft. Westside Gunn, Keisha Plum   Gift Of Gab - Freedom Form Flowing     Porvenir Oscuro - Sin Control   Mundo Primitivo - Rito De Muerto   Rata Negra - Malicion   Generacion Suicida - Dime Donde Esta   Ignorantes - No Estoy De Acuerdo   Golpe - Sei La Tya Prigione   Purgatorio - Aveces   Alambrada - Frontera Absoluta   Enemigo Publico - Poder Mundial     MG-15 - Derecho A La Vida   Nog Watt - Going On   Times Square Preachers - White European Man   Poison Idea - Made To Be Broken   Death Side - Burning Spirit   Puncture Wound - Roomate     Anti-Machine - What Do You See?   Acid Casualties - Against The Wall   Death Gasp - Ghost of the Bomb   Pyrex - Touch   The Annihilated - Body Count   Public Acid - Flag Fetish   Ammo - All You Do(Is Want Me To Die)   Torso - Home Wrecked   Healer - Side B   Bootlicker - Master     Children of Night - Unafraid   Haldol - Amuse-bouches   Horror Vacui - Consolation Prize   House Of Harm - Always     Poison Ruin - Doppleganger   Tee-Vee Repairman - Lights Out!   Beex - He Obliterates Me   The Vicious - Dead Town   Fugazi - Runaway Return        
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