76 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

Episode 231

Support these bands by buying their records and telling your friends about them and going to see them live if and when that is a thing. Write them a letter or interview them for your fanzine. Put them on a mixtape, gift it to someone you like with a flower you find on the way to their house. Put your phone down. Write a letter to a friend. Or don't. patreon.com/cruelnoise    Ignorantes - Shit   Porvenir Oscuro - Inadaptado   De Rodillas - Eres   Generacion Suicida - Nacidos   Rata Negra - El Escarmiento   Mujeres Podridas - Manana   Morbo - El Loco   Farmaco - Porvenir   Inyeccion - No Quiero Tu Espacio     Corny Various - Verfolgt   Upright Citizens - Fuck The Army   Headcleaners - Dying In Maze   Disorder - Todays World   Kraut - Matinee   The Fix - Cos The Elite   Necros - Youth Camp   JFA - Out Of School     Injection Site - Demo 2021   Acid Casualties - R.O.T.C.   Exil - Damage   Goodbye World - Blood and Bone   Ready Armed System - Hair Of The Dog   Cryptid - Take Me   Sial - Kita Dilahirkan Untuk Mati     The Philosophic Collage - Headline Deadline   The Five - Death Chord   Secret Hate - Deception   Outer Circle - Blind Venetians   Superheroines - Embalmed Love   Modern Warfare - Asphalt Dynasty    
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