101 minutes | Apr 18th 2021

Episode 224

"The mind is a wonderful servant and a lousy master"   As always support these bands by buying their records if you like them! patreon.com/cruelnoise   Generacion Suicida - Balas, Siempre Balas   Mock Execution - Insanity?   Prision Postumo - Bastardos   Alambrada - Traicion   Swab - Hippies Still Exist(And I Still Hate Them)   De Rodillas - Ilegal   Peace Talks - Nuclear Family   Feeble Intent - 9 Months   Torso - Weightless   Kombat Sports - Whole Lotta Hate   Electric Chair - Life Is Hell   Candy Apple - Sweet Dreams of Nothing     The Girls - The Elephant Man   Unnatural Silence - Hiroshima   Suburban Lawns - Gossip   Big Boys - Apolitical   The Dictators - No Tomorrow     Culo - Victim Of The Normal Life   Blotter - Nothing Left To Learn   Impalers - Apparitions   School Jerks - Guestlist   Cal and the Calories - My Calorie   Fried E/M - Inner Peace   Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work   Bad Noids - Bad Vomit   Common Ignorance - Understand     Armia - Na Ulice   Dezerter - Uleglosc   T.Z.N. Xenna - Co Za Swiat   Siekiera - Ludzie Wschodu   Abaddon - Wet Za Wet   Process - Stroszek     Alambre De Puas - Sexo Violento   EGO - Mrtva Buducnost   U.B.T. - Novo Vrijeme   Kylma Patja - Verinen Hallinto   Good Guys - Fading   Spleen - Toxic   Celda - Mentira   Mentira - Vacio   Public Acid - Rubbernecker  
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