99 minutes | Mar 17th 2021

Episode 221

I walk down the stairs and step outside to take in the weather. My feet stir up the dirt from the sidewalk. My feet are familiar with the feeling, the dirt familiar with these very feet. They met long ago in a desert before being blown into the city.  patreon.com/cruelnoise   Illiterates - LB Scheme Electric Chair - Bastards Alien Nosejob - The Scene Expands Slant - Stagnation Horrendous 3D - Inifference Reek Minds - Losin' It Zig Zag - Zig Zag Tizzi - Bird Song Turquoise - Si Uniques? Fugitive Bubble - Check & Balances   Adolescents - I Hate Children T.S.O.L. - Sounds of Laughter Black Flag - Life of Pain Descendents - Mr. Bass Saccharine Trust - Effort to Waste Channel 3 - You Lie Social Distortion - 1945   Dark Web - (Theme from) Dark Web Haldol - Fear and Fascination Dyatlov - Wound Man TORD - Barcelona Crema   Lux - Battled Living World - Fresh Big Baby - Big Baby Goes Into Public Sniper Culture - Terminators Peace Talks - Dancing For The Flame Speed Plans - Beyond Haircut - Gritona The Dark - Empty Prayers G.S.B. - Happy People   Toody - Coming on Strong The Rats - Nightline Desperate Edge - Frustration Wipers - Youth of America   Ralfi Pagan  
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