118 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

Episode 220

If you like these bands buy their records or tell your friends or do whatever you can to support them! If you want to support this podcast go here https://www.patreon.com/cruelnoise   Choir - Guilt Trip/Overbite   Sanguine Eagle - The First Storm   The Brass - Desperation     Slant - Enemy   鏡(KAGAMI) - 鏡   Taqbir - Al-Zuki Akbar   Warsh - Hypocrite   Fairytale - Better off Dead/Damaged   Tizzi - Same Story, New Monster   Zig Zag - Burn Out   Reek Minds - False Future   Healer - Resurgence EP side B   Joukkohauta - Toimintaa   The Massacred - Malign Murder   Public Trust - Dirt In My Eye   Torso - You're X'd   Urban Sprawl - Slaughtered   Liquids - Think Too Much     Limp Wrist - What's Up With the Kids   Crucial Unit - Wigout at Kinkos   Aus-Rotten - Modern Day Witch Hunt   Disclose - In Agony   Totalitar - Vi brutaliseras   Ruination - Giblets   Reason Of Insanity - Final Note   Iron Lung - Body Enclosing   Spits - Shitty World     Haldol - Taphonomy   Tord - El món és una merda   El DESTELLO - Nuevo Centro de Represión   Loner Statue - Controller     Kim Phuc - Equinox   Masochrist - God of Wealth   Drug Lust - Church Bitch   Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare   Ropes - Went Gone/Love Me   Culo - Toxic Visions   Hoax - Down   Crazy Spirit - I'm Dead   Nuclear Spring - Prose Kinema   Natural Law - Party Trick   CREEM - A Mean Day   Suburbanite - Grateful Nation   Tenement - Senile    
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