80 minutes | Jan 16th 2021

Episode 217

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year or whatever. You ever get the feeling your whole life has been leading up to this one distinct moment right now? Yeah, me either. AANYWAYY we got a really great show for you tonight so step on up and take a chance. 



Mujeres Podridas - Hijos de a Frontera


Mirror - Control Group


Mystic Inane - Death Of A Disco Spiv


Degrowth - The Entire End


Cexcrime - Sucker


Exxxon - Shellll


Tallahasse Two - Wicked


Vyvanse - Beer


Hick Tracy - Conflict


Rival Squad - Heridas



Saigon - Annihilation


Bad Religion - Politics


Neck Tie Party - Squash (Splat) (Yuch) (Oh My!!!!)


Lullanies - Cops in the streets


Feber - Drom eller mareritt


International Q - What I Got


Ice & the iced - Freezer


Stalag - Date limite de vente


Spiny Norman's Mind Games - Sorry About That Chief!



Hawkbaby - Budgie


Kool & the Gang Bangers - Wish You Were Dead


Gluebag - I'm Alright


Beige Banquet - Wired/Weird


Damien Done - Black Moon



Siekera - Jarocin '84


Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - 400 Facists


Stark Raving Mad - Choice/Chaos


Corrosion of Conformity - Big Problems


No Rock Stars - Dirt On My Face


No Labels - harDCore


Colcor - Nervous Wreck


White Trash - Wake Up


Really Red - Too Political


Slipknot - Help you Think

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