86 minutes | Jan 8th 2021

Episode 216

Another soundtrack for another weary day in another year that claims to be different but feels very much the same. Grab your umbrellas and galoshes it's bound to get wild out there and there is no telling what's around the corner.


For a very punk very Cruel Noise sticker send a self addressed stamped envelope to:



3138 Dobson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15219




Burnt Envelopes - Stuck/My Band Sucks


Farmaco - Mundo Inmundo


Mujeres Podridas - Al Reves


White Stains - Rotten & Screwed


Speed Plan - Better Bombs/Brick Wall


Heavy Discipline - Tell The World


Black Button - Black Button


Kontaminate - Crack of Dawn


Armor - Untitled


Kaleidoscope - AR-15


Public Acid - Electric Plague


Mister - Desparecido


The Chisel - Not the Only One



Aerolineas Federales - Soy Una Punk


Picture Frame Seduction - No Way


The Accursed - Worship What


Mental - God For A Day


Larsen - Nacido de la Pota de un Punk


Seguridad Social - Konspiracion


La Pestilencia - Sed de Poder



Silicone Prairie - Dance To The Beat


Rendez-Vous - Distance


Icon Gallery - Pain


Photobooth - You


FM Knives - I Live Alone


The Marked Men - Wait Here, Wait for You


Terry & Louie - (I'm) Lookin' For A Heart



Necros - Bad Dream


Meatmen - Meat Men Stomp


Negative Approach - Lost Cause


Youth Patrol - Ameras Power


Toxic Reasons - Riot Squad


Violent Apathy - I Can't Take It


Mcdonalds - Miniature Golf


The Fix - No Idols



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