86 minutes | Dec 31st 2020

Episode 215

See you later 2020 next year will be different just like previous years were the same. Same shit as before here forever and always, buy these bands records. Support them and your community in any and every way that is within your power and don't forget to take care of yourself!


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3138 Dobson st.


Pittsburgh, PA 15219



White Stains - Make Them Pay


Mock X - British Empire


Kleener - Speedball



Warsh - Brat


Golpe - Nato Copevole


Mutant Strain - Pt. 1 Born Into Pain (Toofless Doofus / Juice / Dirt)


Public Acid - No Revival




PissSniffers - Βωμός διαφθοράς


Real People - Defector


Gage Maurie - Rubber Duck


Bloodstains - Nuclear Age


Straw Man Army - Medicine Line


Bad Noids - Tiny Little Fingers


Erik Nervous - Hobknob With Snobs



Anarkia - Desarme Nuclear


Ataque Frontal - Yo No Formo Parte De Esto


Terveet Kadet - Vapaa pohjola


Corruption of Peace - Bleeding Children


Ghoul - Jerusalem


F.U.P. - Power Conrtol


The Slang - Slang (仁義)



Farmaco - Porvenir


Lumpen - No Creas En Nada


Innuendo - Finding Death


Hallucination - Progress?


Mock Execution - Apocalypse Now


Pobreza Mental - Tormenta


Futura - Secretos


Fried e/M - Inner Peace


Electric Chair - Casino



Cortex - Mayhem Troopers


Barry Kooda - So Sorry


The Skuds - Dead Dogs


Control - Nightmare In My Closet


Flesheaters - Pony Dress


The Middle Class - Love Is Just a Tool


Controllers - Electric Church



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