90 minutes | Dec 9th 2020

Episode 214

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White Stains - Strangle You


Public Acid - Spoiled By Hate


Real People - Fugitive Bubble


C-Krit - Thanks


Septic Yanks - Human Currency


Warsh - Burning Urge


Twisted Thing - Sacred Cement


XO's - Detroit


Living World - Crime Person


Birth Deformities - Suburbanized



Peroxide - Heart Disease


Nadsat Rebel - I Am The Wall


Violation - Smoke Pot and Die


BGK - Arms Race


Breakouts - I'm Vagueness Deal


Jetsons - Suicidal Tendencies


Sado-Nation - On Whom They Beat


The Rats - Flash Dogs



David Rata - No Estabas Allí


Exotica - Desesperación


Narcoestado - Mañana


Ataque de Rabia - The Divide


Muerte - Fasledad


Era del Vacío - A Medianoche


Tercer Mundo - Depresion


Ratas Del Vaticano - Estaria Chido Que No Hubiera Ley



Chronophage - Passageway


Special Interest - Disco


Smarts - Don't Slap the Hand that Feeds You


Nancy - (She's Psychic)


Erik Nervous - Nutty Buddy


The Yummy Fur - Plastic Cowboy



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