97 minutes | Nov 28th 2020

Episode 213

BE HERE NOW. Or Don't.

Support the bands you like in whatever way you can. Support your neighbors. Support yourself. It's a hard knock life out there try to keep your head up dammit.



Public Acid - Nuclear Child


Lumpen - Dominan Tu Futuro


Living World - The Ordinary


Detestados - Descubrimiento


Misanthropic Minds - Seaside Sickness


Fragment - Power Must End


Warsh - Meathead


Booji Boys - Sex Genius


Straw Man Army - Amnesia


Mutant Strain - Pt. 4 The Execution (Basket Case / Hypocrite / Mutant Strain)



Opel Rekord - Två Tomma Händer


Quizz Kids - Tomorrow


Stratus - Valhetta Vain


Cortex - Jesus I Betong


Famntag - Det Har Mamma Sagt


New Bondage - Tonight


Heartbreak - Jag Ar Inte Kär


Garboshock - Böka Och Trängas


Ebba Grön - Ung Och Kåt




Mower - Hellride


Death Gasp - Strangelhold


Disable - Whistling Death


Unreal City - Starred Up


Power Trip - Firing Squad


Impalers - Spider Sisters/Rippin Rope


Vaaska - Invasion



Blank Generation - Rather Be A Loner


Blue Oil - Money


The Dishrags - Love Is Shit(It's Goodbye)


Wasted Lives - Divorce


Lowlife - Thinking Naturally


Easy Money - Standing In Your Shadow


D.O.A. - World War 3


Plan Nine - I Ain't No Robot



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