90 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

Episode 211

Free your mind and the rest will follow. Support these bands and the people in your community however you can! Start a band! Start a podcast! Or maybe stop doing something. Also, remaining very still can be nice as well. Drink plenty of water and go get em tiger. 



Mutant Strain - Pt. 2 The Evil Hand (Burning / Gross / Hogtied)


Hound of War - Demo Song 2


Nekra - Esquire


Deseos Primitivos - Ojo Por Ojo


Futura - Secretos


Haircut - The Match


Farmaco - Fallas


Tens Unit - Gary's Probation


Chronophage - Any Junkyard Dream


Sweeping Promises - Atelier



Arsenik - Vi Go Som Vi Vill


The End - Krossa!


The Features - Police Wheels


Quizz Kids - Tomorrow


Oss - Ja Vill Va Fri


Shas -Thinner


Brigade 45 B - Ar Jag Sjuk?



Mower - The Punisher



Mystic Inane - Peckerwood Nero


Mentira - Nada Es Segrado


Detestados - Carniceros


Mister - Desparecido


Tums - Can't Talk At All


Milk - Games


Negative Rage - Local Rocker


Misanthropic Minds - Fascist Frat


Violent Christians - Night Time Problems


Soldiers's Disease - Soldier's Disease


Yambag - Squid


Speed Plans - Reflux



Straw Man Army - The Silver Bridge


The Spits - Broken Glass


Gee Tee - Dudes In The Valley


P22 - Shortly


Satanic Togas - Thought Police


Exit Group - Soft Option


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