95 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Episode 207

Be Like Your Ancestors Or Be Different. It Doesn't Matter.


Lay A Million Eggs Or Give Birth To One.


Wear Gaudy Colors Or Avoid Display. It's All The Same


The Fittest Shall Survive Yet The Unfit May Live.


We Must Repeat!




Primal Brain - Primal Brain


Mirror - Hall of Cryptids


SLOI - La Fine


Milk - Enemy


Mister - Reflexion


Xylitol - I Have Free Will


Haircut - Honey Pot


Necro Heads - Hate My Life Today


Living World - Ubuntu/Citizens Arrest


RAT-NIP - Spent


Esplosi - Canzone Tre


Futura - Amigo Polica No Existe



Nightmare - Nothing


Kyojinbyo - Hey


Kathabuta - Traitor


Disclaim - Destroy In The Human Head


So What - Judgement


S.O.B. - Obsessed With Wickedness


Garlic Boys - においの王様


The Slang - No Lay Down Arms


F.U.P. - Media



Screaming Human Scum - Mentally Ill


Gills - 9:35


Yambag - Hyena


Knowso - Prophecy


The Cowboy - The Mist


Flyin Trichecos -Sniffa!


Annihilation Time - Coming To My Senses


Midnight - Rebirth by Blasphemy



Satanic Togas - Chain Reaction


GEE TEE - Kombat Kitchen


Vintage Crop - Serve Again


P22 - Ening Chorus for the Terminarch


Spectres - The Head And The Heart



The Panics - I Wanna Kill My Mom


Disorder - Air Raid


Lars Langs - Doomsday


The Cheaters - Man As Hunter


The Descendents - It's A Hectic World


GG Allin - Automatic



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