101 minutes | Sep 26th 2020

Episode 206

The Earth keeps spinning and we assume it is under control or something resembling control. Our own lives continue their natural orbits and it seems to make less and less sense but we continue to look in the direction we perceive to be forward. What does it all mean? Probably nothing, but here is some more music.


Milk - Bricks


Futuro - Vida Liquida


Futura - Titere


Xylitol - Dim the Sun


Mister - Illusion


After - Life Repeats


Hellish View - Planet's Dyin'


Haircut - Take It


RAT-NIP - Age Out


Heavy Discipline - Voyeuristic Lust/Reckoning


Jackal - The Reality



AlterEgo - Zohari


Paraf - Zastave Alt


Boye - Kafe Na Dnu Okeana


Dada - Aleksandrija


La Card - ... Za Tebe



Torso - Running on Empty


Exit Order - Take The Bait


S-21 - Mass Grave


Stuck Pigs - Go Away


Sow - Fabric


Step Forward - Mind Restraint


Violent Reaction - Guilty


Hounds of Hate - Made Your Bed


Necro Heads - Opt Out



P22 - Farrowing Crate


Straw Man Army - Common Shame


Moth - Modern Madness


Smarts - Real Estate Agent


The Cowboy - Jellyroll


Knowso - Sea of Tranquility


Vintage Crop - Gridlock



Bugs - Doda doda


ABC 80 - Pop Iradion


The Shades - Nova Lust


Reklamation - Hjo?


Feederz - Stop You're Killing Me


GG Allin - You Hate Me And I Hate YOu




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